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The Dorchester Hotel


Ok so for my first blog I thought I’d go for something extra special! Yesterday for my Auntie + Uncle’s Ruby wedding anniversary (that’s 40 years!!) about 20 members of the family went off to the Dorchester Hotel ( in Park Lane for lunch. Usually I would never set foot in a place like this (I’m too much of a pauper!) so you’re unlikely to read another review like this on here again, but then I thought why not, some of you might feel like splashing out?!

In fairness, for what we got the price wasn’t too bad. I overheard that it cost them £250 per head to hire out the Penthouse suite which overlooked a beautiful, snow filled, Hyde Park. The suite was absolutely breathtaking- everything was covered in gold, with fresh flower arrangements everywhere, very pretty indeed!

We were greeted at the door with Champagne, with our glasses continually topped up throughout the afternoon, a little too much for my mum who left the hotel in a much less sober state than at the beginning to put it in the most polite way possible! Pretty embarrassing really, but I guess the waiters were doing their job!

Next were the canapés, I always feel nervous eating them as I’m never quite sure what I’m going to be eating, I stuck to pate and satay chicken to be safe! I thought it was a really nice touch that they brought out some chips for my little cousin Jack who’s 5 without us even asking as clearly any 5 year old would turn their heads in disgust at the thought of canapés!

Lunch was brought out in pure elegance, I declined against the starter as they only had fish dishes, bit of a downer, however the main course made up for it, the steak was so smooth in texture it completely melted in your mouth!

Champagne still flowing, my Uncle David began to speak about his wedding day and how the car broke down on the way to the church whilst a selection of sweet meats (mini cakes and chocolates to you and I!) were brought out for dessert. Adam, (my cousin in law we somehow worked out!) stole all of the mini cinnamon cakes before anyone else got a look in so I’m sure they must’ve been good!

Overall we had a really lovely, (if a little indulgent!) day at the Dorchester Hotel and would thoroughly recommend it for similar special occasions, shame I didn’t see anyone famous! Bring on Gill + David’s 50th anniversary!