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Ed’s Diner

Last Friday on a particularly cold and rainy lunchtime in London I really needed some cheering up, so a colleague and I decided to treat ourselves to lunch in the local Soho area. I have walked past Ed’s Diner on numerous occasions whilst working up here and a little part of me has been dying to indulge in a thick American style milkshake, so we did!

Ed’s Diner’s website really does epitomize this place: “Ed’s founded the American diner culture in the UK, creating a fun, family dining experience when we opened our first site in London’s Soho in November 1987. Ed’s is the original 1950s classic diner which has its roots in post-war culture. Our music is Rock ‘n’ Roll, our food tastes great and we offer service with a smile!”

The second we walked in we were greeted with happy friendly staff that really seemed to be enjoying their work, and why wouldn’t you in such a lively musical atmosphere? The whole place really took me back to when I was 18 and visited a similar diner in Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, instantly bringing a smile to my face with memories of such a happy holiday!

The food was fantastic; I ordered a (rather large!) hotdog and chips with a chocolate milkshake which had enough for two! This place is perfect for a quirky treat when you’re wandering around Central London, it’s so much cooler than your standard Maccy D’s! It’s also a great location for somewhere quick and easy to eat before going off to theatre land!

I certainly enjoyed Ed’s diner and even though it’s definitely not somewhere I’d go for an evening meal it was great to bring a smile to my face on a miserable day!