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For one of the girl’s birthday’s  last week we thought we’d do something a little bit special as it was for a 21st . So five of us went out for dinner in Victoria at Prezzo (Check out the cake we bought her!) and then went off to the theatre to see Wicked!

We luckily managed to find tickets for just £20 from and used our Taste London cards to receive 50% off at Prezzo, part of a chain of great Italian restaurants. So it wasn’t a particuarly expensive night out at all!

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really fancied seeing wicked in the past, despite hearing lots of good reviews from friends, however I’m never one to pass out on a good night out like this and I was pleasantly surprised!

The musical is based on the book Wicked by Gregory Maguire and is the pre story to the famous Wizard of Oz and tells the story of Oz pre Dorothy detailing the stories of the Good Witch Galinda and the wicked witch of the west, Elphaba.

Here’s a little summary of the story: the pair were sent to the same boarding school as teenagers and at first despised each other until they become unlikely friends despite Elphaba being a bit of an outcast due to the colour of her (green!) skin, in an atmosphere of political unrest and where diversity is silenced (as in the case of the goat). Throughout the show you learn more about the characters and who really is good and bad.

The sets and costumes are remarkable, lavish and impressive ensuring that the  story moves slickly and smoothly from scene to scene.

This show makes you show lots of emotions and has you laughing out loud and certainly left me in awe of Elphaba’s amazingly powerful voice, which tells the story of: the Emerald City, flying monkeys, levitating witches, with a touch of romance and the odd tear jerker, absolutely superbly.

My favourite performance in the whole show was Elphaba and Galinda’s ‘Defying Gravity’, which left me singing for a good few days after.

Wicked is perfect for the not- so- typical musical goer and is a great one for the boys as its not so ‘stage school’ and camp as some of the other musicals I’ve seen. An absolute must see!


Giselle- English National Ballet

Even though this blog is primarily about great places to go for food and drink I thought I’d expand city socialiser’s horizons and inject a bit of culture into the blog by writing about the theatre!

I absolutely LOVE going to the theatre its one of my favourite past times and unfortunately I don’t get to go as often as I’d like, however when I saw the opportunity for 50% off seats to go to the English National Ballet I simply couldn’t refuse!

The girls and I went off to see Giselle performed at the London Coliseum (near Charing Cross) last night and loved every minute of it! At first I wasn’t too sure about the seats, I assumed being 50% of they would be rubbish but despite being in the balcony we could see every corner of the stage and we had a brilliant view of clever floor patterns from above.

The London Coliseum is such an amazing theatre and the decoration is unbelievable, even if you’re not into ballet but get the opportunity to go for something else, do it!

The show had a prelude of Men Y Men, which is a much more modern ballet piece with breathtaking movements from the male members of the company.

Giselle is a very romantic ballet, it tells the tale of innocence, betrayal and the redemptive power love. The English National Ballet stays true to the original 1841 piece and moves swiftly through the sunny optimism of Giselle’s village until she dies of a broken heart and is left to a ghostly, moonlit world of mystery and menace, however love will always prevail in the end!

I found tickets for the ballet at Student Beans and for £20, including booking fees, I had a great evening, we all thoroughly enjoyed it and felt very cultured afterwards! This particular ballet is only running until the weekend; however I’m sure there will be others that come up on the site if you fancy seeing something a bit different.