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Takari- Covent Garden

Last week we decided to try something a bit different to where we usually go to eat, so decided upon a curry as we haven’t had one in absolutely ages! So I took it upon myself to find somewhere nice we could go which was central to where we all work, so I chose Takari in Covent Garden- I wish I didn’t!

The food in fairness was alright, but was nothing special. The restaurant was practically empty which is quite unusual in the area, as it was prime time for pre theatre eaters and for those like us that were grabbing something to eat straight from work. However, we disregarded this and decided to stay anyway.

My friend likes to drink water alongside her meal rather than fizzy drinks etc, but according to the waiter asking for tap water was unheard of and the water may be ‘dirty’, we’re all from England and have drank tap water since birth so we took the risk!

We continued with our meal which was fine up until the bill came. Firstly, we weren’t allowed to split the bill onto our cards- we have never ever had this problem before and usually saves the problems of sharing out change at the end. So two of my friends had to go and get cash back from M&S and buy a sandwich each costing them even more money.

The bill was very high too, mostly due to the huge 12.5% service charge added to the bill for a pretty rubbish service if I’m honest. The worst part was the 12.5% was taken from the full price of what the food would’ve been if we hadn’t booked with a 50% starters and main meals offer with Toptable. This meant  that the service charge was over £10 for a quick mid week meal! Don’t get me wrong we always tip but they certainly didn’t deserve a tenner and when we questioned this and asked for it to be taken off the bill, the manager became very patronising and rude.

So with the hassle of paying the bill, huge service charge, lack of water, lack lustre food, inflated prices to accommodate their special offer and the zero atmosphere in the restaurant, Takari in Drury Lane, Covent Garden is definitely one to avoid!