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The Bishop and The Rising Sun- One Weekend, Two Pubs, Four Birthdays!

This weekend was packed with birthday parties, Friday night I went to a triple 21st and Saturday I went to a surprise 21st birthday party, both of which I really enjoyed.

Friday’s party took place at a pub along the river in Kingston called the Bishop out of residence, which is tucked away underneath Kingston Bridge and McClusky’s. The pub had a function room upstairs which was perfect as it had its own bar, a space for the DJ, a smoking area and plenty of seating if you weren’t up for dancing and wanted to chat. Drinks were pretty standard prices for Kingston at the weekend, with a vodka cranberry costing about £3.90.

I haven’t been to this pub in a while, as it’s a little out of the way of the main drag, however I’m definitely going to go back. Downstairs in the main bar they had a live band who sounded really good and were a lifesaver at the beginning of the night when the music wasn’t working upstairs at the party; luckily the music filtered through up the stairs so we weren’t all sat in silence until it was fixed!

Saturday’s surprise party took place at The Rising Sun pub in Epsom, which is a really cute and old fashioned pub with a small function room upstairs. This looked like the perfect local for a quiet Saturday evening in the main bar. Upstairs was the perfect size for the party of approximately 50 people, again with its own small bar, we were able to go in early during the day to set up so that everything was sorted prior to the birthday boy’s arrival!

However, the drinks were quite pricey here so after we’d hit the £400 minimum spend at the bar we left to continue the evening in Epsom.

I had a great time at the parties this weekend, seeing lots of old faces and meeting lots of new ones too. The venues were great choices for the kinds of birthday parties wanted and I would recommend both locations for something similar.