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Circus And The Langley- Covent Garden

On Friday everyone in the office were treated to a free taster menu at the very recently opened Circus restaurant on Endell Street in Covent Garden. I was so excited about this as I had heard amazing reviews about fantastic food complimented by breathtaking circus acts whilst you eat and drink.

Walking into the restaurant felt like walking into a nightclub, however once you were in the main part it was very light and airy with their fantastic sky light and disco balls!

The free lunch unfortunately was as big as a starter so we all had to order mains. We sampled vegetable parcels, battered seafood and beef salad which were all very moreish! The menu is very varied with a lot of seafood which I’m not too keen on so I shared a beef burger which was filled with avocado, cheese, tomato and onion with very spicy coleslaw and fries which were also good but not quite as good as the starters.

We were very disappointed not to see any of the circus acts which we were expecting as it was lunch time and so I think this would be a better place to try out in the evening. The sales guys said it’s not going to be a place they’ll take clients for this reason.

We went back to work and began to plan our evening. We ended up at the Langley on Langley Avenue in Covent Garden. This is an underground venue with two rooms and a restaurant, which has a fantastic 50% off happy hour from 5-7pm and was really busy by the time we got there at 6pm. I thought this may be the case so was very glad that I booked a table for us so we had somewhere to sit down at chat.

The staff at the Langley were excellent, they booked my table with ease, the bar men were very friendly and had a good sense of humour and people were always coming round to collect empty glasses.

We left the Langley quite early as we were all tired from working, however I’d love to see it in full swing at about midnight as I think this will be a fantastic venue for a Friday night in Covent Garden.