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Tiger Tiger- Picadilly

In recent months I’ve regularly been found on a Friday night letting my hair down after a week of hard work at Tiger Tiger in Picadilly. We love this place for its great atmosphere, easy location and most of all cheap drinks!

The thing I like the most is how versatile the venue is, primarily it’s a bar which has a fantastic 50% drinks offer before 8pm Monday- Friday which is perfect if you’re going straight from work! I recommend booking a table in advance as it gets VERY busy and it’s annoying not having anywhere to put your drinks down etc. In busy periods (e.g. before Christmas) you may need to pay around £20 for the table, but usually its free.

Later on in the evening the music gets going and there’s plenty of room to dance the night away in a club like party atmosphere playing the usual chart hits with space to dance both upstairs and downstairs.

A particularly nice thing about this place is the food. When I first ate here I was expecting it to be cheap pub food equivalent to your local wetherspoons but I was very pleasantly surprised when a delicious plate of Moroccan lamb and sweet potatoes was presented to me beautifully and tasted even better than it looked! The restaurant in Tiger Tiger is quite reasonably priced too which is always a plus, one thing to note is that they do accept taste of London cards so bring it along and you can get 50% off your food.

The only downside about the restaurant in Tiger Tiger is the service; we were put on a table in the corner and out of the normal line of site of the waitresses, so it was very hard catching their attention making it slower for them to take our orders and when we needed fresh drinks etc. However once we did receive our food it was great!

Overall, Tiger Tiger is the perfect place to go after work at the weekend to relax, have a giggle and dance the night away =)